Request a refill

Please fill out the form to refill existing prescriptions.  Please allow at least 24 hours for the request to be fulfilled.  Someone on our team will contact you once the prescription is ready for pick up!

Need it sooner than 24 hours?  Call our office directly to get a faster response (we go through certain medications faster than others, we encourage calling ahead for these) and we will do our best to have it ready for pick up by end of the business day.

Need an exam for

next refill?

Prescription medications require a yearly exam by law, so if your kiddo hasn't been in for a while, call us so we can schedule an exam and keep your furbaby current!  

bloodwork for refills

Certain medications effect the organs and in order to make sure we are keeping them healthy, we require regular bloodwork for continued refills.  Short list of a few are as follows:

Benazapril                         every 6 months

Carprofen/Quellin            every 6 months

Insulin                              every 6 months once regulated

Heartworm Prevention    yearly

Levothyroxine                   every 6 months (4-6 hours post AM pill)

Meloxidyl                          every 6 months

Methimazole                     every 6 months

Prednisone                        every 6 months