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White Cat



Dr. Christi Belew

Dr. Austin Dicken

Dr. Allison Williams

Dr. Damon Locke

Dalmatian Dog

medical director

Dr. Christi Belew

After Dr. Dean Maxwell's retirement in August 2014 (serving midtown pet parents for 21 years!), Dr. Belew became medical director of Union Hill Animal Hospital


Tali (terrier mix), and cats Bubby and Muffin.

Spirit Animal



Dr. Austin is certified in acupuncture and enjoys seeing exotics.

Dr. Austin Dicken

Joined UHAH

May 2019

Fun Fact

Avid rock climber and enjoys brewing beer at home. 


Doris Day (talkative Russian Blue) and Stuart (Siamese-mix) 

Spirit Animal

River Otter

Certified in acupuncture. 

Available for consults.

Dr. Williams specializes in all sorts of areas.  Backyard chickens are a passion.

Dr. Allison Williams

Jointed UHAH

December 2021


Fun Fact

One year Dr. Williams went to each leg of the Triple Crown horse races.



2 dogs (Robi and Stella), 3 chickens (Blue, Spec, and Luca) and two horses (Trigger and Redding)

Spirit Animal

A quarter horse

Some of Dr. Wiliams's special interests in veterinary medicine include senior pet care, internal medicine, dentistry, backyard chicken flock management, and the connection between human and animal health. During her free time, Dr. Williams enjoys playing polo with her horses Trigger and Redding, traveling to obscure locations, baking bread, drinking coffee, chasing around her daughter Hadley and son Tripp and watching her goofy chickens Luca, Blue and Spec.   On occasion, you may catch her at the Farmers Market on a Saturday or at the American Royal in the fall.

Dr. Locke interests include behavorial cases.


Joined UHAH

June 2022

Fun Fact:

His interests include binge watching his favorite T.V. shows, caring for his bonsai trees, gardening, and singing.


Dog, two cats, and a bunny.

Dr. Locke's special interests in veterinary medicine include behavior, dermatology, dentistry, and nutrition. He really strives to make veterinary visits a more positive experience by using Fear Free® techniques and low stress handling.   He spends his free time with his wife Ashley, daughters Caroline and Lorelai, and household full of furbabies.

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