We offer low stress exams by offering your fur baby goodies (hypoallergenic available), so they look forward to their visits!

And to be honest, we love  happy visits!

Kitten/Puppy Visits


Generally, kittens and puppies require that their vaccines be boostered 2-3 times before reaching adulthood starting around 8 weeks of age.  When adopted out from a shelter, these kiddos have at least one round of vaccines on board, so we may booster a couple of more times.  Please bring those records with you at our first visit.


First kitten/puppy visits may include necessary labwork to make sure the new furbaby you are introducing to your home (and possibly other furbabies) is healthy.  Our blood test rules out nasty viruses that the kitten/puppy may have been exposed to prior to meeting you.  

Yearly Exams

Once your kitten or puppy reaches adulthood, they may require less vet visits.  We encourage pet parents to continue bringing them in for yearly exams and vaccine boosters.  Even if indoor only (especially cats), yearly exams allow us to make sure your furbaby hasn't developed any new worrisome lumps or bumps, and helps us catch early organ dysfunction.  

During these visits, we will booster vaccines, and run yearly heartworm tests (for dogs), fecal (to test for intestinal parasites) and FIV/FeLV test (for indoor/outdoor cats).  We encourage general bloodwork to help us gain a baseline for organ function.  

Geriatric Care

Kittens and puppies eventually age.  We like to keep them healthy and happy as long as possible so you may have a long life with them.  In doing so, we encourage yearly labwork that evaluates liver, kidney, thyroid levels.   As these babies get much older, they may need bi-annual visits.  We may also start these seasoned babies on joint supplements.  Your doctor may help you decide what path to follow is best.


We offer heartworm and flea/tick preventatives, for both dogs and cats.  Monthly and injectable options for heartworm prevention are available for dogs.  Topical and oral flea/tick preventatives are available for dogs, topical only for cats.   We are a small clinic and keep selected brands on hand but if you have a particular you prefer, we can order it for you or authorize that it be delivered to your home. 

Heartworm preventatives require a yearly heartworm test to confirm that the product is working and rule out tick-borne diseases.  If you wish to decline this blood test, we will ask that you sign a heartworm test waiver form at least every other year.