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Traveling by plane or relocating with your furbaby? 


At Union Hill Animal Hospital, our USDA accredited veterinarians can verify health certificates.  A lot of planning and work is involved with these certificates.   If traveling by air, we strongly encourage calling the airline as soon as your flight is booked and ask what documents are required to travel.  Some airlines are stricter with pet travel than others, and their guidelines may change. 

A pet health certificate is a document made and signed by a veterinarian that verifies that your pet is healthy, free of disease, and can travel cross the state border.  This official document also indicates that vaccines are current.  The health certificate contains information about your fur baby, such as microchip number (very important, especially when traveling internationally), age, breed, and sex status (altered vs. intact).  

reasons for a health certificate

Domestic travel

Traveling within the United States (not Hawaii), whether it's for a one-way move or traveling with your fur baby to visit family or work related, we can help!

international travel

Taking Spot overseas (or Hawaii)?  No problem, we can help with that, too.  These typically take more planning, but we can get this for you.

health vertification

Sometimes you just need to vertify that your pet is healthy following an illness, or verification when boarding, lease verification, etc.  Let us help you!


Whether you are moving cross country or visiting family in another state and taking your fur baby along with you, getting a health certificate requires planning.  

Most airlines require any pet traveling obtain a health certificate prior to stepping on board.  We encourage you to contact the airline you are using at least two months prior to travel to find out their pet requirements - they are not all the same, while others may also require specific documentation according to destination date.

What do I do?
  • Schedule an appointment (please know exact date of travel as most states require that health certificates be done within 10 days of travel date).

    • Know flight information (airline, flight number, etc).​

  • Know that your fur baby may need vaccines updated, which is an additional cost to the health certificate being issued.

  • Traveling to Hawaii?  Please see below (Hawaii is treated as international travel).

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